Creating a natural kitchen sponge that contributes to reducing pollution in our environment is one of our key objectives!

Ongoing projects

A resilient sponge is a natural, washable and resistant sponge, designed with and for you, to tackle the dispersion of micro-plastics in water.

This work won the Wallonie-Bruxelles Mode Design prize and the Audience Prize at the 2019 BeCraft Tremplin competition and received 7th place at the Green Product Award 2020 international competition.

A hemp bulk bag, resistant and locally produced, from fibre to final confection, that guarantees transparency.

Travellers, zero waste enthusiasts and dreamers will enjoy our accessories, designed for cyclists and walkers alike, suitable for both the city and travelling.

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About us

One of our commitments is to reduce pollution levels in natural environments by reinventing everyday objects that are plastic-free and using natural and ecological materials, produced without irrigation or pesticides.

Concerned about the conservation of our environment and know-how, we work locally and in an artisanal way using natural organic materials that are resistant and produced in short circuit.

The team

Vanessa Colignon (in the middle) is the knitting designer behind Design for Resilience, she works closely with Romain, owner of one of the last hosieries (industrial knitting company) in Belgium and with Rachel Bruynbroeck (sales).


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From left to right, Romain Dendievel, Vanessa Colignon & Rachel Bruynbroeck.

In order to give them a second life, we collect broken umbrella fabrics (Design for Resilience) and old tights (for Povera – Slow Design, hand crocheted jewelry and textile designer). This is what we call up-cycling.

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Design for Resilience by Vanessa Colignon
Brussels, Belgium

Thanks to Patrizia Brandellero and Sophie Alen for her support with the translation

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