• Craft production, zero-waste in short circuit.
  • Respectful of workers’ rights and conditions, animal welfare and the environment.
  • Produced with organic, resistant and natural materials.


  • Delivery of your parcels by bicycle to postal outlets and Mondial Relay points.
  • We pack your orders for delivery by post and via Mondial Relay in second life materials, except for the Bpost box in tracked parcels, which was necessary to keep the Bpost delivery costs affordable for everyone. Similarly, we ship packages to your favourite shop with second life packaging.


  • Make organic products accessible to everyone.
  • Reduce the spread of micro-plastics in air and water environments.
  • Relocate the textile sector.
  • Reconnect with nature.
  • Offer comfortable and healthy items to use and / or wear.


  • Authenticity, to offer you real natural materials that have character, irregularities and a history, without greenwashing or glitter. We are pioneers in the development of new techniques to do without. We create and design our own materials without plastic, elastane, polyester, polyamide, bamboo and other viscose. We have not chosen the easy way out, we have chosen the planet and the living, because we are not going to make you believe that by going to Mars to get more resources everything will be fine. We are realistic, but not resigned.

  • Transparency, we have chosen to produce in Belgium in order to preserve our know-how and therefore our autonomy, but also to ensure decent working conditions at each stage of production. Currently, it is impossible to relocate all the production stages, but we are working in this direction and favour local and ethical partners.

  • Quality, we select our materials and our production partners for raw materials according to several criteria:

    1.  Environmental impact of the fibre, (Non-irrigated cultivation, little or no pesticides, mechanical and natural processing of the fibres, etc.)
    2.  Solidity, (Quality of the raw materials and the processing of the yarn)
    3.  Technicality, (some materials can be more difficult to work with and generate defects in the fabrics, which would lead to waste. We have therefore opted for materials that sometimes come from further afield but run almost perfectly through the knitting machines, which generates very little, if any, waste.
    4.  Certifications of the producer,
    5.  Origins, (we source materials and producers as close as possible)

  • Ethics

    1.  We work as much as possible with small, family-owned and independent companies that pay their own taxes and are not subsidised by the state. Their labour and expertise cost a minimum of 2 to 3 times more than those of an adapted work company.
    2.  We favour companies that favour human relations, benevolence, ethics, love a job well done and do not monopolise the market. All of them are excellent in their field. This applies to our internet provider, our bank, our printer, our web host, our label producer, etc.
    3.  We have chosen materials in which we see a more sustainable future for generations to come, materials that are renewable, carbon sinks and which we believe have the lowest impact on the environment, but also on the textile workers.
  • Protecting our Heritage (know-how, re-learning of bast fibre transformation, transmission of know-how, preservation of rustic sheep breeds, transformation of local wool, creation of a local wool yarn…)

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