We are an eco-friendly textile design studio for people aiming for a sustainable & zero-waste lifestyle. We produce fully biodegradable product in Belgium.

Creating a natural daily life products and home linen that contribute to reducing pollution with fair working conditions is one of our key objectives!


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April 27, 28 and 29 in the effervescent heart of Brussels.

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Reduce your waste with our natural and washable daily life objects.

The resilient sponge is a range of natural, washable and compostable sponges for dishes and cleaning designed by Vanessa Colignon.

Designed to last and to reduce our environmental footprint, they are plastic-free and made of hemp (a vegetable fiber, naturally anti-bacterial).

Our sponges have been developed with our users to best meet your needs.

They are produced in Belgium, with a production system that generates less than 1% waste.

Our textile research for the development of the range of resilient sponges won the Wallonie-Bruxelles Design Mode award and the Audience Prize at the 2019 BeCraft Tremplin competition and received 7th place at the Green Product Award 2020 international competition.


Take care of yourself with Douceur, our range of body care products


The solution to take care of yourself while respecting your health and the the living beings.

Linen is a high absorbant and soft material you can use to clean or dry your skin, when you can use the scrubbing hemp’s properties to scrub your skin.


Ethical, ecological, production process close to zero waste and made in Belgium.

Equip yourself to reduce your waste with ethical products.​

Zero waste equipment

The solution to eating healthy and transporting your belongings while taking care of the planet.

Lino & Linette are the first linen bulk bags, fully biodegradable and made in Belgium.

Our bulk bag are resistant and locally produced, from yarn to final confection, that guarantees transparency.

About us

We put our expertise and know-how at your service by proposing alternatives to domestic textiles (home and body) and clothing that are eco-responsible, resistant, aesthetic and plastic-free.

Choosing Design for Resilience for your home means participating in the relocation of a sustainable, natural and eco-responsible textile industry.

What drives us...

One of our commitments is to reduce pollution levels in natural environments by reinventing everyday objects that are plastic-free and using natural and ecological materials, produced without irrigation or pesticides.

A local production...

Concerned about the preservation of the environment, know-how and working conditions throughout the textile industry, we work locally with certified natural materials, resistant and produced in short circuit.

All our materials are at least OEKO-TEX® Standard-100 certified.

A fair price...

Pioneer in hemp and linen knitting, we wish to relocate a natural and virtuous textile industry in Belgium and Western Europe, to preserve its know-how and to make it sustainable by paying fair wages.

...fair wages

That’s why we charge a fair price. We do not put pressure on the production costs of our products.

When you choose our products, you will be paying employees who are not subsidized by the state.

The team

Vanessa Colignon, knitwear designer and convinced ecologist, dreams of a world more in harmony with the living.

She works closely with Romain Dendievel who has more than 30 years of experience in industrial knitting and manages with his wife the last knitting mill in Wallonia, Belgium. A family business with 6 employees, located near Tournai.

Around them gravitates a whole series of actors and stakeholders.

Find out who we are, what we do and how we do it.

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