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Masterclass : Training in the knowledge of textile materials for an ecoresponsible consumption of textiles and clothing

A one-day training course to guide you towards voluntary sobriety through your textile consumption!

If the first mission of WeCo Store – eco-responsible clothing shop – is to make visible to the public clothing brands that are more respectful of the environment and working conditions, WeCo wishes to transmit and act in a positive way with its public.

In this context, WeCo Store is organising a master class on the knowledge of textiles for eco-responsible consumption on Sunday 20 November with Vanessa Colignon, a stylist specialised in eco-design and founder of Design for resilience; a Belgian textile research workshop for sustainable living that manufactures all its ecological fabrics in Belgium.

We are often alert to the composition and origin of our food, but what about the textiles that surround us?
They accompany us every day and we are constantly exposed to them (car textiles, curtains, seats, medical textiles, household linen).

Through this training, we will discover the different materials present on our territory; their composition, learn to differentiate them according to their origin, their transformation.

We will clarify which ones are really natural and we will establish a list of eco-responsible materials according to different criteria.

We will also look at different themes such as dyes, different textiles, recycling and its challenges, the notion of fair price and fair trade, animal welfare and the materials to be favoured, greenwashing (how and why to avoid it), existing alternatives with some case studies… And many other themes to have a first 360° approach of the textile sector.

Finally, after having sharpened our eye on fashion and the textile sector, we will define together solutions and good practices to reduce our environmental and social impact! And leave together with good energy and ready to act and do our part!

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Masterclass will be in french.

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WeCo Store
Rue des Mineurs, 9-11
4000 Liège


Sunday 20 November
from 10.30 am to 6 pm
Welcome at 10.10am
Lunch offered