Organic hemp grow in Belgium

Our sustainble materials

Producing in a short circuit allows us to guarantee respect for workers and living beings, while limiting our dependence on fossil fuels.

To achieve this, we have selected natural, ecological materials, of a higher quality than conventional materials and whose production and processing rank the lowest in terms of energy-consumption in the textile industry.

We work with plant-based fibers such as hemp, flax and experiment with Belgian wools that will be spun locally. These materials require varying types of expertise in order to be produced and transformed in Belgium. So it’s all about innovating, experimenting and collaborating with experienced companies to achieve quality creations.

Organic hemp grown in Belgium

The incredible ecological plant fibers

Our linen and hemp products currently come from the last remaining European spinning mills with an Oëko-tex Standard 100 label, who respect both workers’ rights and the environment.

Flax and hemp do not need pesticides or irrigation to grow. But that’s not all ! In addition to their strength, they have naturally antibacterial properties! This makes their fabrics incredible for home use and allows them to be washed less often than other materials and therefore, to reduce our water consumption.

The local wool project

We are also working on relocating of our wool production and are looking for sheep wool from rustic breeds from small farms that respect the environment and animal welfare, from raising lambs to shearing. Our wool comes from farms who aim to protect endangered breeds of sheep and include nature reserves of rare fauna and flora in Belgium.

Sheep breeds Mergelland and Ardennais roux used to manage nature reserves and promote rare flora and insects. Photo taken by Colignon Vanessa Colignon in July 2020

Do you want to know more about the processing of wool in nature reserves in Belgium?

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